Who are we

How did we get together...

All the people on this page has a pedigree of playing with diverse, top class acts and well known music stars from Clem Curtis, Jane McDonald,Steel Pulse, Beverley Knight, Edwin Starr band and many more. As things change and as old friends and new...Steve O, Dave P and Dionne got together back in 2015-2016 working out a way to come together to try and write original material from a faith based outward looking perspective. Wanting to create entertaining and meaningful songs that encourage and lift the soul to deal with the way things are...They started writing various songs, drawing on older sources of material and brought together a singular groups of friends, all willing to contribute time and effort into creating a potential new band. Without the efforts and contribution of all of the people mentioned on this page and many more things would not have progressed beyond the written page! Since then...

Steve Owen:

Vocals, Keys, Guitar and Song writer

Dionne Devereaux:

Lead Vocals, Songwriter

Dave Perryman:

Guitar, BV's and Songwriter

Gary and Daisy Khan:

Keys and more Keys!

Working it out...

With all the work involved in rehearsing and recording and generating possible gigs, we started Gigging back in 2018 and developed new video materials and single releases during 2019...bringing together members of the original group as needed or when possible. As we moved into 2020, Covid-19 hit and we've had to develop a focus into more songwriting and working out if we can find a way to carry on doing what we want to do...which is get out there and play.

Alvin Euwen:


Jamie Little:


Will Morris:

Percussion and Drums

Ruth Ible:

Percussion and Drums

Foz Gray:

Backing Vocals and Rap

Doreen Lewars:

Backing Vocals

Bo Sileya:

Back Vocals